is it pie lives again

17 Apr 2016

About a year ago my co-located server died and to be honest it was a diseased pet so good riddance. One of the side effects of this was that several of the websites I maintain died at the same time. While I got the most important ones back quite quickly on a variety of “cloud” servers some I didnt worry about. One of these was which it would seem at least 3 other people cared about. So I spent some time resurrecting it on Saturday.

First of all I created the correct directories on my Symbiosis install. Symbiosis is great way to host multiple domains that you need web and email for. If you run it on bytemark’s cloud you get free dns as well which it will set up for you. Then I created a basic jekyll site and grabbed the most important content from the Internet Archive and added it back. Then I told my registrar to change my whois records to point at the bytemark DNS servers.

This all took me about 2 hours and now lives again. As an added bonus its also available on IPv6 now.