London Road - New Year's Day 2016

24 Jan 2016

London Road Norbury sign

Since I’m now sort of old I don’t normally go out drinking on New Year’s Eve anymore. This means I’m normally awake on New Year’s Day without a hangover. Given this I need something to do other than watch the World’s Strongest Man final in the evening.

In an effort to help Kake with her project to document the history of London Road I normally spend my New Years Day taking photos of things on London Road. Taking a photo survey each year will help Kake as and when she writes the articles about those properties since it will hopefully catch the changes over time of the use of the properties.

To get to the northern end I caught a 109 bus and got the front seat on the top floor. So I filmed my bus journey up the length of London Road.

Then I got down to the serious business of taking photos which was only punctuated by having breakfast in Rio’s Britannia Cafe Set 2 at Rio's

Now most of the photos are relatively dull photos of shop fronts which while useful for Kake are not that exciting for everyone else. However I did manage to take a few photos which I thought were interesting.

An old MOT sign Lambs in a trolley Shadowbush overheight vehicle pigeon lichen on a postbox tatters of tape foul sewer